• 1.1. the day that mauro ran over elwy yost
  • 1.2. seattle/washington/prague 00/68 chicago/nixon/reagan circle-fighting
  • 1.3. yuppie restaurant-goers beware because this song is for the dishwasher
  • 1.4. just another jive-assed white colonial theft
  • 1.5. why are all the dogs dying of cancer
  • 1.6. my kitchen is tianamen square
  • 1.7. any movement that forgets about class i a bowel movement
25. Februar 2002
Genre: Indie

1-speed bike

droopy butt begone!


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Über diesen Artikel

180g Vinyl! Alternating between humour and homage, Droopy Butt Begone! opens with a medley of 80's techno/hip-hop references (filtered synth swells, BPM doubling, scratch samples and a shout-out dedication of sorts), giving way to delicate glockenspiel underpinned by head-bobbing beats. Aidan Girt (GY!BE, Exhaust) is the merry studio prankster here, and this was the first full-length record under his 1-Speed Bike moniker, which operated for some time in the Montreal region as a mobile activist soundsystem. The album includes a kinetic remix of Fly Pan Am, who were simultaneously at work on Sédatifs En Fréquences Et Sillons at the Hotel2Tango while Aidan was mashing things up in the back room. Dark atmospherics and shimmering melodies bind these ... mehr lesen