• 1.1. der lachende sarg
  • 1.2. summertime
  • 1.3. blue moon
  • 1.4. black
  • 1.5. der euro kommt
  • 1.6. ahhh
  • 1.7. brazil
  • 1.8. be bop a lula
  • 1.9. zorro rettet russland
  • 1.10. ti amo
  • 1.11. massachusets
  • 1.12. stairway to heaven
  • 1.13. san francisco
  • 1.14. blue berry blue
  • 1.15. zorro thema
  • 1.16. final countdown
30. August 2008
Genre: Garage

zorros, die

history of rock vol.7


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Imagine Mrs Miller and King Uszniewitch having a band together and making dance music in the 60's 70's sleazy cheesy dance club style !!! this is it !!! Puke party with Long Drinks and very very cheap girs_ Beat-Man (the Monsters, Reverend Beat-Man) on Drums, Olifr M.Guz (GUZ, die Aeronauten, Averells) on the Farfisa organ, and Patrik Abt (Betty Guzzy Orchestra) on the Guitar and Bass... this bands destroys such Smash hits like Carlos Santana's Europe_doing a Spaghetti Western Version of Europes 'final countdown... and and and.. they are having 140% no respect to this great songs.. covering as simple and stupid as possible, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin Los Bravos... a sure hit for every party that is already over Get Buzzed Drink more and Dance do the ... read more