• 1.1. drown
  • 1.2. upon the stone
  • 1.3. be careful what you wish for
  • 1.4. assembly line
  • 1.5. failure
07. Oktober 2016
Genre: Rock


ep (lila)


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180g purple Vinyl. Limited to 200 copies. Four studio albums, one live album, one EP, loads of concerts, festivals, touring: much has been happening for ZODIAC in the last five years. The journey started with their EP in 2011. Under supervision from Jens Siefert at Klangdressur Studios, their first ever output was recorded, mixed and mastered within five days and received very positive feedback. Its raw sound, its sincere passion and nonchalant attitude helped make it demo of the month in both Rock Hard and Visions magazines. The original presses of 300 CDs and 500 LPs were quickly out of stock. Demand for a repress has never been waning and now finally the band has decided to give the songs that they still very much love themselves a repress. The ... read more