• 1.1. for those about to pop!
  • 1.2. baby baby
  • 1.3. bubblegum baby
  • 1.4. lie to me
  • 1.5. she's got everything
  • 1.6. let's go crazy
  • 1.7. can i come over
  • 1.8. crush on you
  • 1.9. summertime pop
  • 1.10. say you'll be mine
  • 1.11. let's worry about tomorrow...tomorrow
  • 1.12. first move
  • 1.13. the kind of girl
  • 1.14. can't get enough of your lovin'
31. Juli 2020
Genre: Powerpop

yum yums, the

for those about to pop


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The YUM YUMS, the undisputed kings of power-pop are back with a brandnew album!!! Their fitfth full-length is called "For Those About To Pop!" and the title brings it to the point. It's stacked with catchy hi-energy, guitar-driven power-pop songs, complete with sugary multi-layered harmonies and lyrics that seems to be stolen from some 12 year-old girl's diary. Like Joss Hutton once wrote in Bucketfull Of Brains Magazine, "Let's consider the three minute pop-song for a second or two: so simple in it's construction, so inscrutable in it's perfection, so many who have tried and failed! For me the YUM YUMS have been THE band to watch over the past few years, their perfect (yep, it's true) take on the "power-pop" thang is a source of constant pleasure ... read more