• 1.1. momia twist
  • 1.2. rey de tablistas
  • 1.3. demolicion
  • 1.4. lo que quiero
  • 1.5. te puedes quemar
  • 1.6. girl coge mi cosa
  • 1.7. no lo se
  • 1.8. niña
  • 1.9. hey monstruo hey
  • 1.10. yo quiero volver
  • 1.11. ce'ne pas la imporance
  • 1.12. te voy a odiar
  • 1.13. nunca la quise
27. Januar 2006
Genre: Indie

wau y los arrrghs!!

cantan en espanol


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From Valencia in Spain comes the Most amazing 60's Garage Nuggets band ever .. totaly out of control, Way y los Arrrghs Plays the 60's Garage Punk as Autentic as it's get but it's still new wild overdrived Fuzzed Out, Juanitos's ultra Fucked Up vocals give's the Music the final kick !! they play their own songs but as well covers from such bands as the Trashmen; kenny and the kasuals; los saicos; we the people... and everything in Snotty Bad Attitude Spanish.. most of the Lyrics they changed in the nasty WAY !!!!