• 1.1. under the pressure
  • 1.2. red eyes
  • 1.3. suffering
  • 1.4. an ocean in between the waves
  • 1.5. disappearing
  • 1.6. eyes to the wind
  • 1.7. the haunting idle
  • 1.8. burning
  • 1.9. lost in the dream
  • 1.10. in reverse.

war on drugs, the

lost in the dream

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THE WAR ON DRUGS, the Philadelphia-based project of Adam Granduciel, release their third full-length album, the beautifully sweeping "Lost In The Dream via Secretly Canadian. Written and recorded over two-plus years in Philadelphia, North Carolina, New York and New Jersey, following almost two years of nonstop touring in support of 2011's "Slave Ambient", "Lost In The Dream" is the outstanding presentation of Granduciel's progression and growth as a songwriter, performer, and producer. It is an immense listen to be absorbed and discovered now and for decades to come.