• 1.1. swamp wolf
  • 1.2. dogone
  • 1.3. litany of the oceans part 1
  • 1.4. mermaids ride ufos
  • 1.5. la maldicio'n del lobo
  • 1.6. foggy harbour
  • 1.7. in a wolfman's heart
  • 1.8. beat it with a rock
  • 1.9. woof woof woof
  • 1.10. thirteen
  • 1.11. dognapped
  • 1.12. wolf fight tonight
  • 1.13. deep space 2000
  • 1.14. the claw
  • 1.15. moonlight
  • 1.16. hot-dog
  • 1.17. diamondo
28. Februar 2014
Genre: Garage


wolf party

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At the ass end of the planet lies the ancient and secretive Pacific Islands known collectively by Whiteys as NEW ZEALAND. All the way down here the cassette and film production company STINC MAGNETIC, started in 1998 by a young Maori called Dylan Thomas Herkes, better known as THE MYSTERIOUS TAPE MAN. Tape Man began documenting and recording local bands from the Wairarapa, Tararua and Manawatu areas on hand-made cassette tapes recorded one by one in real time and released them on 7 different tapes of 30 copies each. He sold them out of a cardboard box wrapped in tin foil. He describes the pact of Stink Magnetic as "documenting stuff that wouldn't have been documented ". Back than he set---up a office in a old abandoned newspaper building in ... read more