• 1.1. dead end street
  • 1.2. and then you cry
  • 1.3. baby ok
  • 1.4. nene mi droga sos
  • 1.5. pony tail and a black cadillac
  • 1.6. black
  • 1.7. i see dead people
  • 1.8. kiss her dead
  • 1.9. more you talk
  • 1.10. mother's nest (i want you)
  • 1.11. let me spend the night with your wife
  • 1.12. more you talk
  • 1.13. goin away girl
  • 1.14. pony tail and a black cadillac (cd only!)
  • 1.15. i wanna be one of the monsters (cd only!)
11. November 2016
Genre: Garage


30 years anniversary tribute album: the monsters

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FRIENDS OF THE MONSTERS PAYING THEIR TRIBUTE TO 30 YEARS SWIMMING AGAINST THE MAINSTREAM, THIS COMPILATION SHOWS YOU MANY DIFFERENT FACES OF TODAY'S UNDERGROUND MUSIC WITH THE SONGS WRITTEN BY THE MONSTERS. TRASH, MINIMAL ELECTRO, CUMBIA, INDUSTRIAL, COUNTRY OR PUNK ROCK !!! A TRUE MIND BLOWER 12" LP: + FREE CD + PRINTET INNERSLEEVE + POSTER Friends of the Monsters Paying their tribute to 30 Years Swimming against the Mainstream, in 1986 they were just Friends Drinking Buddies and Music Fans and they Formed the Monsters in Bern Switzerland after their first show and 1st KASSETTE it was Clear that band will make it around the Globe, in the 30 YEARS they played almost Every Continent, Playing JAPAN's the Shelter or Headlining New York's famous CBGB'S, ... read more