• 1.1. it's trivia
  • 1.2. brace and break
  • 1.3. no culture icons
  • 1.4. goddamn the light
  • 1.5. out of the old and thin
  • 1.6. i know the pattern
  • 1.7. time to lose
  • 1.8. my little machine
  • 1.9. overgrown, overblown!
  • 1.10. a passing feeling
  • 1.11. back to gray
  • 1.12. born dead
  • 1.13. an endless supply

thermals, the

more parts per million


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Vinyl includes mp3 coupon. Sub Pop is celebrating ten years of THE THERMALS by reissuing their three Sub Pop albums on vinyl (and the band is celebrating by touring the US). This is the band's debut album, originally released by Sub Pop on March 4th, 2003. THE THERMALS were created in 2002 by singer Hutch Harris in his Portland-area kitchen. By that summer, THE THERMALS was a rock band in the flesh, with Kathy Foster on bass, Jordan Hudson on Drums and KIND OF LIKE SPITTING's Ben Barnett on the guitar. THE THERMALS played with a joyous frenzy not unlike the idiosyncratic guitar driven indie-punk of the WEDDING PRESENT, with lyrics spewed forth from the same oblique ether land as, say, a GUIDED BY VOICES. "More Parts Per Million" has sold over 12,000 ... read more