• 1.1. i want to be a beach boy, but not mike love
  • 1.2. oh, johanna
  • 1.3. perfect night, almost out
  • 1.4. grace_disgrace
  • 1.5. oh me oh my, death is overrated
  • 2.1. cry me a river
  • 2.2. mistress of ave.d
  • 2.3. hurt pt.1
  • 2.4. promises, promises
  • 2.5. southern belles
  • 2.6. (it's a) beautiful thought (it takes to fly)
  • 2.7. wedding day
15. April 2016
Genre: Indie

tan leracoon

dangerously close to love

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Charming wie Nikki Sudden oder Jonathan Richman... Grace_Disgrace (hat) so eine traurige Tiefe, richtiggehend Kunst", Rembert Stiewe,Glitterhouse "Hard Rock ohne kick drum", Concert News "Eine Mischung aus Saints, Swell Maps, die poppigen Stücke von denen und in gut gespielt", Carsten Friedrichs, Superpunk, Liga der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen "A legend", Kate Marriage, Spotify "Gothic Soul", C.Tjaben, Style And The Family Tunes