• 1.1. like a fool (2019 acoustic)
  • 1.2. the first part (2019 acoustic)
  • 1.3. water wings (2019 acoustic)
  • 1.4. driveway to driveway (2019 acoustic)
  • 1.5. saving my ticket (2019 acoustic)
  • 1.6. kicked in (2019 acoustic)
  • 1.7. why do you have to put a date on everything (2019 acoustic)
  • 1.8. without blinking (2019 acoustic)
  • 1.9. keeping track (2019 acoustic)
  • 1.10. revelations (2019 acoustic)
  • 1.11. stretched out (2019 acoustic)
  • 1.12. in a stage whisper (2019 acoustic)


acoustic foolish


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Our original idea for an all-acoustic album was for it to be a selection of songs from all our albums, played in the style of an acoustic performance in a record store or a radio station, which we have done quite a bit of over the years (and documented on the first of our "Clambake" series in 2001). But with 2019 being the 25th anniversary of the Foolish album, it seemed weirder and more interesting to record an acoustic version of one whole album. I didn't want this to sound like "acoustic demos recorded 25 years after the fact" or a band trying to "rock out" except on acoustic guitars, though to be fair we do some rocking out. Once we got into the process of learning how to play the songs on acoustic guitars_some of which we had never performed at ... read more