• 1.1. are you who you think you are?
  • 1.2. i'll be honest
  • 1.3. you make it sound so easy
  • 1.4. the cameraman
  • 1.5. i don't know
  • 1.6. something
  • 1.7. can you ever trust a man who think matt damon's re
  • 1.8. what a pity
  • 1.9. devil of mine
  • 1.10. that's when i ran away
  • 1.11. you don't know
  • 1.12. history
  • 1.13. who ya gonna call? goat buster!
11. Oktober 2013
Genre: Indie

spook school, the

dress up

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Coloured Vinyl LP (Limited to 500). Edinburgh quartet THE SPOOK SCHOOL bring together 13 (mostly) very noisy guitar pop songs, the album is the culmination of four people making a lot of noise about gender and about identity. Inspired by the post-punk-pop of THE BUZZCOCKS, LOU REED's "Transformer" and the films of Buster Keaton, with a dash of 60s pop for good measure, THE SPOOK SCHOOL are Nye Todd on guitar with Adam Todd also on guitar and Anna Cory on bass, not forgetting Niall McCamley who plays drums, tells jokes and takes his clothes off. They all sing and shout and write the music together. There is no leader and no frontperson. They're a band. With Nye identifying as trans, the band explore gender, sexuality and queer issues with stories that ... read more