• 1.1. don't look back
  • 1.2. insomnia
  • 1.3. penalty box
  • 1.4. something hyper
  • 1.5. xian undertaker
  • 1.6. shitty little yacht
  • 1.7. the operative
  • 1.8. his mark replies
13. November 2015
Label: TOUCH & GO


it'll be cool


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AVAILABLE ON VINYL FOR THE FIRST TIME! "It'll Be Cool" was the ninth Silkworm album. Originally released in 2004 on CD only and now available on LP for the first time in over 11 years. "Silkworm's songs are full of holes, but. wide-open spaces can inspire some crazy-ass dreams. Welcome to the new weird America." - SPIN "(O)ne of the underground's strongest songwriting forces. Devoid of status-quo gimmickry and fanfare, Silkworm deserve to have their greatness acknowledged now." - Alternative Press