• 1.1. dust on trial
  • 1.2. concrete
  • 1.3. one rizla
  • 1.4. the lick
  • 1.5. tasteless
  • 1.6. donk
  • 1.7. gold hole
  • 1.8. friction
  • 1.9. lampoon
  • 1.10. angie
12. Januar 2018
Genre: Indie


songs of praise

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Shame thrives on confrontation. Whether it be the seething intensity crackling throughout debut LP Songs of Praise or the adrenaline-pumping chaos that unfolds at Shame's shows, it's all fueled by feeling. NPR's Bob Boilen noted, "Of the 70 bands I saw at this year's SXSW, the band Shame seemed to mean what they played more than any other." Comprised of vocalist Charlie Steen, guitarists Sean Coyle-Smith and Eddie Green, bassist John Finerty, and drummer Charlie Forbes, the London-based five-piece began as school boys. From the outset, Shame built the band up from a foundation of DIY ethos while citing The Fall and Wire among its biggest musical influences. Utilizing both the grit and sincerity of that musical background, Shame carved out a niche in ... read more