• 1.1. phantom
  • 1.2. celebrate the void
  • 1.3. follow the breath
  • 1.4. medicate
  • 1.5. see-saw
  • 1.6. vacation
  • 1.7. stunned
  • 1.8. foul
  • 1.9. raging river
  • 1.10. sunshine
  • 1.11. act surprised
  • 1.12. battery
  • 1.13. belief
  • 1.14. leap year
  • 1.15. reykjavik
24. Mai 2019


act surprised

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White vinyl LP housed in a full colour sleeve, with lyric insert and download. The inventors of lo-fi indie rock return with a 15-track blast of melodic melancholy, all delivered by the smudged middle finger of Dinosaur Jr original Lou Barlow_ "The auteur of the subterranean lovesick blues." Houston Press Their first studio album since 2013's `Defend Yourself' and their first release with Fire Records, Lou Barlow, Jason Loewenstein and Bob D'Amico return with a smorgasbord of beautifully dysfunctional tunes harking back to their finest college rock anthems. It's Barlow at his introverted song writing best; matter-of-factly delivering a stream of self-questioning stories, punctuated by detuned guitars, spine-tingling time changes and throwaway one ... read more