• 1.1. fenland tenebrae
  • 1.2. hyperborea
  • 1.3. chinese wisdoms on the road to jiuzhaigou
  • 1.4. the premises of a life that could have been yours
  • 1.5. farmer's tale for a prepared piano
  • 1.6. of november and programming
  • 1.7. letter fragments found on the halinen bridge
27. November 2015
Genre: Indie

sans parade



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Schwarzes Vinyl inkl. Downloadcode! Drei Jahre sind vergangen, seitdem Sans Parade mit ihrem selbstbetitelten Debütalbum Musikliebhaber und Kritiker gleichermaßen begeisterten. Die Idee zu Artefacts kam Markus Perttula, Jani Lehto und Pekka Tupparainen bereits während der Aufnahmen zum Videoclip In A Coastal Town (Sans Parade). ,We were shooting at a location near a small rapid and, as we were setting up the camera on the bridge crossing it, we found some fragments of a torn letter. The shredded letter was probably thrown into the rapid, signifying the sad ending of a relationship, but the wind had blown some of those pieces onto the bridge. The text appeared to be written by a young girl who hadbeen disappointed in love. As she was writing down her ... read more