• 1.1. idea of order at kyson point
  • 1.2. motion in field
  • 1.3. on-ness
  • 1.4. march awa
  • 1.5. eastern stack
  • 1.6. minor rift
  • 1.7. the gabbard
  • 1.8. red slip
  • 1.9. quoit blue
  • 1.10. marsh chorus
  • 1.11. an iken loop
  • 1.12. chain home
  • 1.13. rest
08. Dezember 2017
Genre: Avantgarde

rogerson, tom with brian eno

finding shore


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Tom Rogerson's life as an improviser began when, as a toddler, he would clamber up onto his family piano stool and try to emulate his sister's playing. Now releasing his second solo album, a collaboration with Brian Eno, he feels that his musical life has come full circle: "I remember smashing out C Major chords again and again and really loving it. It's the same as what I do now, funnily enough, I've come back to it." After stints playing jazz in New York, a delipadated fenland hotel and in noise rock band Three Trapped Tigers, Rogerson ran into Eno at a gig. Bonding over a love of the countryside of their Suffolk home, the pair entered the studio and worked with The Piano Bar, a device that converted the sound of the piano into midi signals, which ... read more