• 1.1. letter to myself
  • 1.2. see the light
  • 1.3. lonesome and sad
  • 1.4. blue moon of kentucky
  • 1.5. i want you to feel
  • 1.6. another day another life
  • 1.7. i've got the devil inside
  • 1.8. i'm over with you
  • 1.9. our girls (demo)
  • 1.10. don't stop the dance
  • 1.11. jesus
  • 1.12. the swiss army knife

reverend beat-man

surreal folk blues gospel trash vol. 2 (repress 2021)

(REPRESS 2021)

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Life supposed to be one endless struggle and then you Die! Reverend Beat-Man the Twisted Swiss Primitive Rock'n'roll Preacher with his album from 2007 feat. Delaney Davidson, Zeno Tornado and many others. Repress 2021, classic black vinyl, printed inner, dlc and poster! Here we have the 3rd Album Release and the second in a trilogy 'surreal folk blues gospel trash' a serie of Gospel Trash hymns from 2007, Recorded with Olifr M.Guz at Star Track studios in Switzerland along with his backing band Delaney Davidson on the Drums and Mr. Butler on Slide&Harp and Guz plays the Organs and some bass, for the Song Blue Moon of Kentucky the Band Zeno Tornado and the Boney Google Brothers back him up, and some songs are strictly home recorded by himself, this is ... read more