• 1.1. the valley
  • 1.2. piratess
  • 1.3. rider
  • 1.4. lay of the last survivor
  • 1.5. white shadow waltz
  • 1.6. we need a myth
  • 1.7. hanging from a hit
  • 1.8. show yourself
  • 1.9. your past life as a blast
  • 1.10. wake and be fine
  • 1.11. the rise

okkervil river

i am very far - ltd. boxset


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Wooden box (wine box style) with logo silk-screened on it. The box includes: Vinyl LP Full CD Hardbound lyrics book Exclusive 7-inch (two exclusive tracks) Faux handwritten letter from Will Lasercut cards (intricate papercut done by laser; fragile decorative piece)