• 1.1. signals
  • 1.2. close to the glass
  • 1.3. kong
  • 1.4. into another tune
  • 1.5. casino
  • 1.6. from one wrong place to the next
  • 1.7. 7-hour-drive
  • 1.8. the fifth quarter of the globe
  • 1.9. run run run
  • 1.10. steppin in
  • 1.11. lineri
  • 1.12. they follow me

notwist, the

close to the glass


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During the recording of Close to the Glass, Martin Gretchmann was more the mad-scientist than ever before, standing behind a small mountain of analog modular synths, not only playing but also manipulating the performance of his bandmates as they played. The strong connection and creative trust between band members allowed for the traditional lines between roles to blur more than ever before. With everyone playing anything, the band felt they could take their music anywhere, from sheer noise to kraut-rock beat pocket to arena rock ride out. Close to the Glass is also full of vocal leaps for Markus Acher, experimenting not only with effects but also with his range, leaving the comforts of his signature style to take this album somewhere new. Now in ... read more