• 1.1. congratulations
  • 1.2. nobody loses
  • 1.3. sick sad world
  • 1.4. recycled air
  • 1.5. it follows
  • 1.6. skin
  • 1.7. medicine
  • 1.8. the way back
  • 1.9. hold tight
  • 1.10. fall apart
09. März 2018


everything dies


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Following on from the success of their brilliant debut record 'Permanent Rainbow', Watford punks Nervus are back in 2018 to bring you the new highly anticipated follow up - 'Everything Dies'.

Produced by Bob Cooper (Citizen, Nai Harvest, Kamikaze Girls) and Em Foster from the band, Everything Dies weaves a tapestry of deeply personal, heartfelt lyrics and themes of transition and acceptance, bristling with ten captivating tracks of anthemic pop-tinged, emotive melodic punk rock, that expand on the bands horizons without compromising on their original ideals.