• 1.1. heartbreaking bravery
  • 1.2. yesterday's fire
  • 1.3. shitty city
  • 1.4. quickfire, i tried
  • 1.5. i'm not the phoenix yet
  • 1.6. 10,000 scorpions
  • 1.7. faraway lightning
  • 1.8. headed for the door
  • 1.9. teary eyes and bloody lips
  • 1.10. lay your cheek on down


with siinai: heartbreaking bravery


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Spencer Krug has made another Moonface record, this time with the help of some new friends. The third product of an ongoing series of changing collaborations and approaches to tune-making is called With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery. Surprise, a two-part title. Let's bust in to this brothel one door at a time. With Siinai: Siinai is the Finnish band Krug worked with on this album. Krug met Siinai when their former band, Joensu 1685, toured withWolf Parade throughout Europe in 2009. Over the following year, friendships were born, Joensu 1685 broke up, Siinai was formed and Krug unexpectedly received a copy of their first album, Olympic Games. Siinai could safely be described as progressive kraut rock. Their songs are long and heavy, often gorgeous, ... read more