• 1.1. no cave
  • 1.2. living cell
  • 1.3. montes jura
  • 1.4. end of man
  • 1.5. rehumanizer i
  • 1.6. rehumanizer i




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Maserati are a band obsessed with process. Specifically, they're obsessed with the process of marrying the past to the future - retro futurists hellbent on forging Krautrock and classic rock into one motorik, monolithic vehicle. Rehumanizer is the most accomplished product of that process to date, a marriage of man and machine that plays like a supergroup comprised of Gary Numan, Cluster, and Pink Floyd. Recorded and mixed by drummer Mike Albanese - and produced entirely by the band in their own studio - this is the first Maserati album completely devoid of outside collaboration or interference. Building songs up bit by bit - and breaking them back down to their barest elements - Maserati fully embraced technology as a songwriting tool. The band ... read more