• 1.1. cosmic misery
  • 1.2. 1997, passing in the hallway
  • 1.3. present, tense
  • 1.4. dust, juice, bones & hair
  • 1.5. bubble in my bloodstream
  • 1.6. move to durham and never leave
  • 1.7. gin and listerine
  • 1.8. sleeping beauty
  • 1.9. 1967, i miss you i'm lonely
  • 1.10. so sad (so sad)


courting strong


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Heavyweight Vinyl LP + MP3. Hailing from Pity Me near Durham, vegan straight-edge pop group MARTHA have just signed to Fortuna POP! Providing energetic, impassioned pop punk, MARTHA are informed by 90s indie rock and Scandinavian anarcho noir. The album, produced by MJ from HOOKWORMS, is laden with harmonies and interchangeable vocals whilst still retaining the energy and excitement of the band's live shows. Formed in 2011 by siblings Naomi (bass, vocals) and Nathan Griffin (drums, vocals) with J. Cairns (guitar, vocals) and Daniel Ellis (guitar, vocals), Martha have fast become a staple of the UK DIY pop scene. There are many competing stories as to the origin of their band name but it's a fact that the very last passenger pigeon on earth was ... read more