• 1.1. voodoo walking
  • 1.2. gettin' high
  • 1.3. london zydeco
  • 1.4. trouble ain't so never far away
  • 1.5. quel espoir?
  • 1.6. the cat never sleeps
  • 1.7. louisiana sun
  • 1.8. killing two birds with one stone
  • 1.9. citi two-step
  • 1.10. swamp water
  • 1.11. princesse havana
  • 1.12. paint the town red

mama rosin & hipbone slim & the kneetremblers

louisiana sun


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It was a Long Term Musically relationship that drove those 2 Bands into London's Fantastic Gezard Studios at the end of 2010 to record that Album for Voodoo Rhythm records , MAMA ROSIN Legendary Wild Cajun Combat Outfit from Geneva Switzerland are touring a lot the Same goes with Hipbone Slim and his Kneetrembelrs from London England , they first met on stage at a Voodoo Rhythm Jam in France at a Blues festival, so they desighted to melt both music styles together into one sound and that record was born, you will have a full blast of Mama Rosin's Raw Authentic Cajun sound together with Hipbone Slim's Raw Blues Garage Rockabilly, both Drummers switched in each song in the Hipbone slim songs you got the mama rosin flair and in mama's songs the hipbone ... read more