• 1.1. plastic cup
  • 1.2. amethyst
  • 1.3. so blue
  • 1.4. holy ghost
  • 1.5. waiting
  • 1.6. clarence white
  • 1.7. four score
  • 1.8. just make it stop
  • 1.9. mother
  • 1.10. on my own
  • 1.11. to our knees
22. März 2013
Label: SUB POP
Genre: Indie


the invisible way


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product info

Vinyl includes mp3 coupon! Sub Pop Records is excited to announce that Duluth, Minnesota, trio LOW are releasing their 10th record, "The Invisible Way". The record was produced by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, engineered by Tom Schick and recorded in Wilco's studio in Chicago during the autumn of 2012. Coincidentally, the release marks LOW's 20th anniversary as a band. Rather than put together an own, inevitably-inadequate description of the album, Sub Pop will let LOW's Alan Sparhawk do the talking: "While driving though Chicago, on tour, we stopped finally to visit Wilco at their studio, The Loft. They had invited us to come check it out several times over the years, but this would finally be the day. It's a great place-a sea of nstruments in a relaxed, ... read more