• 1.1. try to sleep
  • 1.2. you see everything
  • 1.3. witches
  • 1.4. done
  • 1.5. especially me
  • 1.6. $20
  • 1.7. majesty/magic
  • 1.8. nightingale
  • 1.9. nothing but heart
  • 1.10. something's turning over
15. April 2011
Label: SUB POP
Genre: Indie




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"C'mon" is the shortest title of any LOW album, which seems fitting, as it also ranks among the most succinct and straightforward entries in their variegated discography. Singer-guitarist Alan Sparhawk has even perfected the "elevator pitch" for "C'mon": "Recorded in an old church in Duluth, MN and mixed in an apartment in Hollywood, CA." But that brief synopsis hides universes. Comprised of new material written on and off the road, the ten-song set was recorded in a former Catholic church, aka Sacred Heart Studio (where the band previously crafted 2002's "Trust") and co-produced and mixed by Matt Beckley. The band took full advantage of Sacred Heart's high, vaulted ceilings, natural reverb, and audible affinity for organ sounds and group singing. ... read more