• 1.1. just like christmas
  • 1.2. long way around the sea
  • 1.3. little drummer boy
  • 1.4. if you were born today
  • 1.5. blue christmas
  • 1.6. silent night
  • 1.7. taking down the tree
  • 1.8. one special gift
29. Oktober 2010
Label: SUB POP
Genre: Indie




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"Despite the commerce involved, we hope you will consider this our gift to you. Best wishes."- LOW LOW's 8-song 1999 release Christmas collects 5 seasonally-themed originals by the band and covers of "Little Drummer Boy," "Blue Christmas" and "Silent Night." Of the originals here, one ("If You Were Born Today") was released b/w "Blue Christmas" as a 7" single in 1997 on Wurlitzer Jukebox, and another ("Taking Down the Tree") was released in 1998 on a compilation by the Dutch VPRO radio station. This 2010 gatefold-LP reissue of Christmas is the first time this record has been available on vinyl and presents the album in a substantially less tiny package. The US version is available on Kranky (who, in conjunction with the band's own Chair Kickers' ... read more