• 1.1. raziel
  • 1.2. wild hunt
  • 1.3. halle berry
  • 1.4. dog head
  • 1.5. tohu wa bohu
  • 1.6. kenosis
  • 1.7. heart of the snake
  • 1.8. llano estacado no. 2
11. Dezember 2020
Genre: Rock

lord buffalo

tohu wa bohu (oxblood red vinyl)


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The second pressing (third colour) is oxblood red vinyl! Haunting, psychedelic ghost-town Americana for fans of Woven Hand, Russian Circles, and Dead Meadow. Lord Buffalo is a mud-folk band from Austin, TX. They make music together under cover of darkness. Their songs are bricks with which to build a house slowly. They will not be rushed. They will not be quiet. They are the trees clapping, the rocks crying out, the whistle in your snore. Imagine the haunted sensibility of artists like Chelsea Wolfe, David Eugene Edwards (Woven Hand, 16 Horsepower) and Ian Astbury (The Cult) fused with the spacious, expansive psychedelics of Dead Meadow and All Them Witches. Lord Buffalo creates somber, crashy, ghost-town Americana on their new album "Tohu Wa Bohu," ... read more