• 1.1. ghost riders
  • 1.2. paralyzed
  • 1.3. linda
  • 1.4. geiger counter
  • 1.5. i hate cds
  • 1.6. pahrump
  • 1.7. i ride a tractor
  • 1.8. kiss and run
  • 1.9. the magic in your eyes
  • 1.10. bathroom blues
  • 2.1. relaxation
  • 2.2. radar
  • 2.3. dynamite
  • 2.4. fly me to the moon
  • 2.5. i took a trip (on a gemini spaceship)
  • 2.6. space oddity
  • 2.7. shadow of a tiger
  • 2.8. credit card blues
  • 2.9. stealth cowboy
  • 2.10. everything's getting bigger but our love

legendary stardust cowboy

launch pad favorites


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An anthology of the brilliant and unique five-decade career of The Legendary Stardust Cowboy. Unhinged whooping, hooting and hollering rock'roll genius of the kind that helps you get through life. Featuring his best known songs plus rarities, this is the first ever vinyl compilation of The Ledge's work from 1968 to the present day. When it comes to pop music, artistic originality always seems to be in chronically short supply, but for avant-sick noise phenom the Legendary Stardust Cowboy, it's an endlessly available resource. Since his unforgettable 1968 introduction with aralyzed', the Cowboy's unhinged whoop and screech, hit-&-run brand of bugle limned cacophony has not only astonished, it has also reached deep into the pop mainstream, from his ... read more