• 1.1. the greatest man who ever walked the face of the earth
  • 1.2. surrender earthlings
  • 1.3. rocket 69
  • 1.4. easy amplification
  • 1.5. panic in hanoi
  • 1.6. brontosaurus
  • 1.7. morphodite
  • 1.8. green like the color of blood
  • 1.9. you talk sunshine...i breath fire
  • 1.10. the scorpio letter
  • 1.11. madeline loves the leeches
16. September 2016
Label: TOUCH & GO

lee harvey oswald band, the



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Lee Harvey Oswald Band. The facts. A trio from Texas compromised of Zowie Fenderblast, Dredge, and James Meat who released their third and last album Blastronaut on Touch and Go Records in 1996. Comprised of 11-songs, the Lee Harvey Oswald Band's 36-minute magnum opus is now available on vinyl for the first time ever - 20 years later. "Blastronaut still stands as the best album you've never heard.  If the Foo Fighters wrote this album the world would be wanking in the streets." - Ginger Wildheart "Blastronaut was a keystone album in mid-90's Turbo circles.  The masterful songwriting and glammyness struck home with us." - "Happy Tom" of Turbonegro ".the second-best rock album of the nineties, better than Nevermind ..." - S.L. Duff, Lost in the ... read more