• 1.1. 20/20
  • 1.2. tune you out
  • 1.3. sidechain
  • 1.4. earthquake
  • 1.5. rsvp
  • 1.6. breathe (ft. derek sanders)
  • 1.7. what took you so long?
  • 1.8. into the blue
  • 1.9. green eyes (polarized)
  • 1.10. true north
  • 1.11. miles away
18. September 2020

knuckle puck



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Der ganz und gar passend betitelte Nachfolger von "Shapeshifter" kommt jetzt! Since forming in Chicago's south suburbs a decade ago, KNUCKLE PUCK have become one of the aggressive pop-punk genre's preeminent forces thanks to a relatable lyrical approach and similarly engaging musical sensibilities - a blend that has filled venues around the world and the main stages of the Vans Warped Tour and Slam Dunk.Now, on their much-anticipated third album, 20/20, the band filter the same youthful, wide-eyed approach of their early material through the sonic evolutions they've explored since. All at once, 20/20 is both a look back and a step forward - and most importantly, it's an album that, at its core, urges listeners to live in the here and now. "Not every ... read more