• 1.1. let's do the hippie dance
  • 1.2. high this morning
  • 1.3. superman don't get the blues
  • 1.4. the devil is in the details
  • 1.5. a thing you gotta face
  • 1.6. don't push that button
  • 1.7. blues & reefer
  • 1.8. am i blind
  • 1.9. that's the way to boogie
  • 1.10. feel so good
  • 1.11. you'll be mine
  • 1.12. slim stepped in dog shit
  • 1.13. that's it
  • 1.14. mister vegan

juke joint pimps, the

boogie pimps


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12" LP: JACKED HEAVY PAPER, + FREE CD + PRINTED INNERSLEEVE This is Blues Power with a northern German approach, formed 2004 in Cologne as a Trio (Drums,Guitar,Bass) then shrinked down to a Duo, Hound Dog Taylor, Howlin'Wolf and North Mississippi Hill Country Blues mixed up with Gospel and Raw Power Blues Punk made in Germany... may this sound strange to you ? It did to us as well but then listening to the music of those pimps..howeeeee!!!! This is as authentic and powerful as it gets, for that album they went to Italy's famous Outside Inside Studio and in just 2 Days they recorded that album together with Mat Brodin, that is plane fantastic! The recordings are more up to date as the 2 first albums on Voodoo Rhythm (2008 - Boogie the House Down; ... read more