• 1.1. ride or die
  • 1.2. total pandemonium
  • 1.3. el sereno
  • 1.4. all things under heaven [featuring joe coleman]
  • 1.5. little horn
  • 1.6. millenial prayer
  • 2.1. incinerator blue
  • 2.2. mirror
  • 2.3. bedlam blue (featuring warren ellis)
  • 2.4. solar plexus
  • 2.5. i don't wanna stay
  • 2.6. sleep now
16. Oktober 2015

icarus line

all things under heaven

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BRAND NEW album from legendary LA firestarters, The Icarus Line. Their third full length release for Agitated (their eigth album in total), following on from their imperious return to the fray in 2013 with the much lauded release of "Slave Vows", followed up by its companion- album release "Avowed Slavery" in 2014. Recorded and arranged live as a group in Cardamone's studio, Valley Recording Company in Burbank, the sessions "were very private and conducive to conjuring," the frontman describes. "If you are lucky, you can capture something before it dies. I feel like all great music is a fleeting inspiration. You only have so much time to capture it before it either turns into routine or it turns its back on you." The album features a guest ... read more