• 1.1. faust
  • 1.2. stay awake
  • 1.3. heat hand up
  • 1.4. safely
  • 1.5. come undone
  • 1.6. walk out
  • 1.7. you are dead to me
  • 1.8. 69th street bridge
  • 1.9. the sun burns out
  • 1.10. waysd.

i love you but i've chosen darkness



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It was August 22, 2011. A short message fell in our inbox: after years of pursuing a shadow into obscure corners, we finally received a lifesign from I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness. It was just a few words to keep the hope alive. Then, a discussion barely begun and already vanished in an unilateral silence. Messages in our bad English followed, to explain how Fear Is On Your Side has accompanied us in important moments, to explain that this Texan band enthrones in our personal Pantheon. Almost two years later, the big news fell : an album was ready, or almost. It only remained to finalize the mix and to consider ways of release in a form of transatlantic cooperation. The long wait was over. One wonders how these five guys spent these last 8 ... read more