24. April 2020
Genre: Indie


wohin wir drehen


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Tom Waits used to ask "What's he building in there?" And it seems that as a band, my friends producer Moses Schneider, singer-songwriter Gisbert zu Knyphausen and me, der dünne Mann (the thin man), together known as Berlin based indie trio HUSTEN, are muttering that to ourselves ever so often once we start working on a new EP. It's always an EP made up of five songs, every year since 2017. Why? Because we thought that would be a good dogma and about the amount of good songs we can come up with and produce within a year's time. That is until we will change the dogma. The name HUSTEN (German for cough or coughing) derives in part from the glorious, but long deceased New York based band Soul Coughing. While we started out as a mere project just for fun ... read more