• 1.1. lost finding gone
  • 1.2. flowers
  • 1.3. love-removeal-finality
  • 1.4. turn the pages
  • 1.5. reflective reformation
  • 1.6. standing naked in the carnival
  • 1.7. mr. farmer
  • 1.8. liquid lunch
  • 1.9. frankie
  • 1.10. repercussions of the preceeding
  • 1.11. trivia
05. September 2014
Genre: Garage

hollywood autopsy

hollywood autopsy


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* Officially licensed * First time repress of this private press post punk gem * Remastered by Butch Vig Even given the vantage point of several decades worth of antagonisms on conservative "Punk" eardrums, countless poorly-printed fanzines championing all manner of anti-social sound/performance and the Internet more or less rendering nothing, past or present, unbelievable, some records are still hard to wrap one's ugly mug ound. Like this one right here, fr'instance! What is this strange, acerbic music and how did it come out of the early Eighties Wisconsin Hardcore Punk scene? Sure, there are plenty of near contemporary comparisons, regional bands lost to the mists of tyme who imbibed early Fall singles like they were manna (I'm lookin' your way ... read more