• 1.1. get the gold
  • 1.2. i'm gone
  • 1.3. the sermon
  • 1.4. life is elsewhere
  • 1.5. the preist
  • 1.6. the doomsday cult blues
  • 1.7. you and me
  • 1.8. hollow wind
  • 1.9. mary melody
  • 1.10. one foot on the grave
  • 1.11. the end of the world

graveyard train



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Australian chain gang Graveyard Train have explored dark and sometimes menacing territories on their new album Hollow. Twisting and pushing the boundaries of 'alt-country' to the extreme, Hollow is a macabre journey that seamlessly moves from swampy stomp to deranged psychadelia to folk ballad. As on previous occasions, the harrowing group vocals sing of darkness and woe, however the album marks a move into darker areas as the human condition is brought into focus. Death has never been more terrifying.