• 1.1. 7 in the morning
  • 1.2. everybody
  • 1.3. the troubadour's green room
  • 1.4. holy shit
  • 1.5. flotsam locked into a groove
  • 1.6. forever coming down
  • 1.7. happy hour
  • 1.8. diving bell
  • 1.9. skeleton song
  • 1.10. how small we are
  • 1.11. ad nausea
  • 1.12. midnight is upon us
14. August 2015
Genre: Indie

good life, the

everybody's coming down

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Omaha, NE's The Good Life returns this summer with their &rst album in eight years, Everybody's Coming Down. Call it a soundtrack to Man's 21st century existential angst, the album poses cosmic queries, contem-plates regrets, questions self-worth, and examines the possibility of living in the moment, when memories are all that we truly take with us. And in some ways, that's the sweet spot front man and lyricist Tim Kasher inhabits: trying to make sense of this world of ours, and how and why we navigate it the way we do. Everybody's Coming Down moves in a new direction musically and, in contrast to The Good Life's earlier releases, is very much a rock record. It is also the &rst that truly embodies the band as a whole, more so than any previous album. ... read more