• 1.1. cu cu cool
  • 1.2. youth on stuff
  • 1.3. kill the king
  • 1.4. the drugs won't work
  • 1.5. slave
  • 1.6. anger in your eyes
  • 1.7. panopticon
  • 1.8. sick city
  • 1.9. brand new gun
  • 1.10. bugs
  • 1.11. no savior
21. Oktober 2016

glucks, the

youth on stuff


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Black Vinyl + PRINTED INNERSLEEVE Genre: GARAGE R'n'R/Trash -Punk -Psychosis! Hailing from Ostend, a dead end city on the Belgian coast, the Bonnie & Clyde of garage punk double down on savage sounds. Skin-basher Tina and string-trasher Alek have shared stages with the likes of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Gories and Bass Drum Of Death - bands that are right up their alley. After a couple of EP's, The Glücks launch their first full-length release. "Youth On Stuff" is a fuzz-laden, psyched out trip that will only take one spin to reverberate in your head for ages. And we ain't vending snake oil! This record provides the supreme medicine when "The Drugs Don't Work": just feed this platter to your stereo and let it blast. If these 21st century ... read more