• 1.1. we must obey
  • 1.2. knew it all belong
  • 1.3. let me out
  • 1.4. hung out to dry
  • 1.5. shake it loose
  • 1.6. land of giants
  • 1.7. between the lines
  • 1.8. lesson
  • 1.9. moving in stereo (the cars)
  • 1.10. didn't really try
  • 1.11. sensei vs. sensei

fu manchu

we must obey


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Re-issue in 180 gram vinyl and limited to 500 copies! FU MANCHU were formed in California in 1987 and this was their 10th studio album released in 2007 by Century Media. Their debut was a 7" flexi disc released by the mighty San Francisco's label Slap a Ham, a total gem in their gender. Their sound was based in their 70s heroes as Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult and so on but also in their contemporary bands as Black Flag, Descendents and Flippers. "We Must Obey" is an album were the band came back to their roots with a wall of heavy guitars sound and with monumental songs as "Land of Giants" or the final track "Sensei vs. Sensei". This release helped the band to enter the stoner throne together with Queens of the Stoneage or Hermano, two headline ... read more