• 1.1. the bottom of it
  • 1.2. gold past life
  • 1.3. drawn away
  • 1.4. cazadera
  • 1.5. ocean
  • 1.6. your dead grandfather
  • 1.7. a lingering love
  • 1.8. barely living room
  • 1.9. mandy from mohawk (wherever you may be)
  • 1.10. dream would breathe
  • 1.11. two babies in michigan
  • 2.1. shane
  • 2.2. getting in a van again

fruit bats

gold past life -ltd. aqua vinyl lp + 7"-


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Indie Exclusive Peak Vinyl LP is aqua vinyl + black vinyl 7"+ LP3 coupon! Gold Past Life marks both an end and a beginning. It's the end of an unintentional thematic trilogy of records that began with 2014's EDJ (a solo record by name, but a Fruit Bats release in spirit) and hit a peak with 2016's Absolute Loser. They encompassed years of loss, displacement, and the persistent, low-level anxiety of the current political climate. They were written in the wake of friends who left these earthly confines and families that could have been. "I wrote music to comfort myself," says Johnson of those times. "It was a soothing balm." But these salves, these songs on Gold Past Life, also represent new beginnings-the journeys that await after making it through ... read more