• 1.1. don't wanna lose
  • 1.2. beast
  • 1.3. waste your time
  • 1.4. you fell apart
  • 1.5. how you got that girl
  • 1.6. waterfall
  • 1.7. hot and cold
  • 1.8. radio on
  • 1.9. new kid
  • 1.10. war paint
  • 1.11. everywhere
  • 1.12. outro
10. Oktober 2014
Label: MERGE

ex hex



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150 g vinyl + downloadcode Ex Hex is a power trio hailing from Washington, DC. With Wild Flag on hiatus, Mary Timony (Autoclave, Helium) needed a new outlet, so she retreated to her basement and started writing. To her surprise, the songs came easily and the hooks practically wrote themselves. Mary found Laura Harris and they hit it off immediately. The pair played together for a couple of months in a tiny carpet-lined practice space shared with half a dozen hardcore bands and what appeared to be the better part of a B.C. Rich Mockingbird. In walked Betsy Wright from the wilds of Virginia. She and Mary have similar tendencies, both defaulting to denim and The Voidoids. Betsy is a performer and an ace piano player, and before long, she was slinging a ... read more