• 1.1. landslide
  • 1.2. the watchers
  • 1.3. flood
  • 1.4. they appear to be alive
  • 1.5. sandwalker
  • 1.6. octopus
  • 1.7. dead eyes, red skies
19. Oktober 2018
Genre: Stonerrock


flood (splatter vinyl)

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Splatter-Vinyl limitiert auf 50 Stück. DOMKRAFT, whose name combines the Swedish "DOM" for judgement and "KRAFT" for power, blasts forth towering dirges of post-apocalyptic desolation, mindbending psychedelia, and hypnotic minimalism. Following a year which saw them decimate stages at DesertFest Berlin and Psycho Las Vegas, Swedish Doom Metal's new favorite sons return with monolithic sophomore album 'Flood.'