• 1.1. what i see
  • 1.2. no more
  • 1.3. depression
  • 1.4. six pack
  • 1.5. thirsty and miserable
  • 1.6. police story
  • 1.7. gimmie gimmie gimmie
  • 1.8. spray paint (the walls)
  • 1.9. room 13
  • 1.10. rise above

dirty projectors

rise above


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Over three full lengths, an EP, and five different live bands in four years, David Longstreth has created in Dirty Projectors a body of music of original and variegated beauty. The breadth of his talents as a songwriter, arranger, bandleader and singer call to mind Prince, Joni Mitchell, and Bjork. His constantly evolving sound -- both live and on record -- the sheer intensity of the music, and the originality of his voice set him apart. Among modern music makers, he is a maverick: a loner and a rebel. From beginning to end, Dirty Projectors' new offering, Rise Above, is a reimagining of Black's Flag seminal 1981 record Damaged. It is not a covers record. Longstreth attempted to rewrite his favorite adolescent album word for word, from memory. From ... read more