• 1.1. rubies
  • 1.2. your blood
  • 1.3. european oils
  • 1.4. painter in your pocket
  • 1.5. looters' follies
  • 1.6. 3000 flowers
  • 1.7. a dangerous woman up to a point
  • 1.8. priest's knees
  • 1.9. watercolours into the ocean
  • 1.10. sick priest learns to last forever
  • 1.11. loscil's rubies


destroyer's rubies


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Destroyer's 7th full length album & originally released in 2006 2LP contains an exclusive, 20-minute bonus song titled "Loscil's Rubies". 2LP is gatefold jacket with black double vinyl & download insert. a thoroughly unexpected collection of clever pop music that takes no prisoners. Destroyer's Rubies weaves a narrative of loves won and lost, missed opportunities, and artistic integrity familiar to Destroyer fans. Bejar's Dylanesque flair for biting wit and his nods to the glamorous and bombastic folk approach of early T-Rex and Bowie distance Destroyer from the more straightforward pop of his other band, The New Pornographers, without sacrificing any of the tunefulness of that band's approach.