• 1.1. comments on the world as will
  • 1.2. no cease fires! (crimes against the state of our love, baby)
  • 1.3. dark purposes
  • 1.4. emax i
  • 1.5. i want this cyclops
  • 1.6. loves of a gnostic
  • 1.7. emax ii
  • 1.8. state of the union
  • 1.9. school, and the girls who go there
  • 1.10. the space race
  • 1.11. melanie and jennifer and melanie
  • 1.12. war on jazz ii or how i learned to love the war on jazz
  • 1.13. emax iii
  • 1.14. you were so cruel
  • 1.15. signs
  • 1.16. rereading the marble faun
  • 1.17. son of the earth


city of daughters


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First time on vinyl since 1998 Canada only pressing. Opaque red vinyl! In the hallowed Destroyer discography, the early trinity of City Of Daughters / Thief / Streethawk: A Seduction holds an important place; for not only does it document Dan Bejar's evolution from lo-fi bedroom tyro to bona fide master of the rock album, it also contains a massive percentage of superlative Destroyer "classics." 1998's City of Daughters features some of the first steps out of the demo-tapey experimentation of earlier recordings, with songs like "Comments On The World As Will" refining the sound of that stripped-down earlier work, and the seminal "No Cease Fires" offering us the first taste of just what a full-band Destroyer might conjure. 2000's Thief naturally went ... read more