• 1.1. cirko mamuno
  • 1.2. schizo
  • 1.3. one man's death
  • 1.4. domus
  • 1.5. pigroad
  • 1.6. descarada
  • 1.7. cactus wine
  • 1.8. memorandum
24. März 2017
Genre: Stonerrock




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Limited to 200 Copies on Blue Transparent High Performance Vinyl! FFO: Monster Magnet, Slo Burn, Fu Manchu Descarado out of Gothenburg (Sweden) have been around for close to four years now and they play excellent stoner rock! For the past years they have mostly been fooling around, jamming and booking the occasional gig. They got an EP out in 2014 and since then they've got a new drummer and a heavier sound. Most people appreciate Descarado and the energy they bring to every stage. They all have different musical backgrounds and influences which shows in their music, there is something for everyone. The album is called Odd, and it's great! Have a drink and turn the volume up, you will love it! These tunes will be heavily enjoyed by fans of classic ... read more