• 1.1. offend maggie
  • 1.2. fresh born
  • 1.3. chandelier searchlight
  • 1.4. the tears and music of love
  • 1.5. buck and judy
  • 1.6. don't get born
  • 1.7. my purple past
  • 1.8. basket ball get your groove back
  • 1.9. numina o
  • 1.10. this is god speaking
  • 1.11. eaguru guru
  • 1.12. snoopy waves
  • 1.13. jagged fruit
  • 1.14. family of others


offend maggie


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Say what you will about Deerhoof, but they know how to write a beautiful song. And "Offend Maggie" is all the more beautiful for the fact that it seems to come out of nowhere. For all its sparkling musicanship, it sounds casually tossed off like it was nothing at all. It's a new sound for the band as much as it's a new sound for pop music.