• 1.1. it hurts me still
  • 1.2. you can't capture time
  • 1.3. journey to the end of the night
  • 1.4. like an inexplicable wheel
  • 1.5. you're the one i idolise
  • 1.6. the darkness was on me
  • 1.7. mahrek le mole
  • 1.8. gary's song
  • 1.9. the happy place
  • 1.10. she didn't know everything was available
  • 1.11. last punk standing
  • 1.12. i can recall it all
  • 1.13. some unknown reason
  • 1.14. the used to be

childish, wild billy & ctmf

last punk standing


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Repress on blakc vinyl. "'You're the One I Idolise' - This is a love song, along the lines of some of the ballads we used to do in the Milkshakes - inspired by Arthur Alexander. There also seems to be some Richard Hell in there (the Voidoids have been a big inspiration over the years (I saw them supporting the Clash at Hastings Pier Pavilion in '77. 'Like an Inexplicable Wheel' - The strangest thing in life is time, not clocks but that there was a past and there will be a future (apparently). Life seems to be an inexplicable wheel, and I thought there should be a pop song (or two) about that. 'Last Punk Standing' - A more CTMF sounding track. This should really be called 'Who'll be the Last Punk Standing?' but it looked better as a shortened title. ... read more